And then there were four....
8-8-03, Piedmont Hospital

Our Christmas angel came four months early this year, on August 8, about the same time summer arrived during this strangely cool year.  Robert Harriman Anthony came into this world just after the stroke of midnight, at 12:20 AM, weighing 9.2 lbs and measuring 22 inches.  Older brother Michener, who is turning three three days after Christmas, has been absolutely delighted with his new brother.  So far, we have seen no signs of sibling jealousy, but maybe that's because Robert isn't old enough yet to get into Michener's toys.

11-2-03, Christening Day

Robert is a very easy-going, mellow baby who loves to eat -- a lot!  By one month, he weighed almost 13 pounds; at two months, he weighed 16 lbs.  His four month weigh-in at the doctor isn't until December 13, but on the home scale he is now 18 lbs.  He is sitting up with support now, and loves to bat at toys.  A smile is not hard to coax out of Robert; he is truly a joyful child.